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Laser Light Display Holiday Safety

Great Christmas Light Displays, Avoiding Air Safety Concerns

Holiday lights are irresistible, and they’re so much easier with a handy laser projector. With the growing trend of using led and laser light displays for Christmas lighting, though, we have also seen some consumers unintentionally running afoul of the FAA. This is because some users of the laser lights have unknowingly positioned their laser lights improperly. When aimed too high, laser lights can reach quite far into the sky, potentially hitting the eyes of pilots in the cockpit of their aircraft, which can put the craft and everyone in it in jeopardy.

It’s not all bad news, though. Setting up a festive holiday display doesn’t have to cause any issues at all for planes and helicopters. Just follow a few tips on positioning your projectors to create a merry light design that is harmless to craft in the air.

* The caution for a laser light display is to not aim displays within or at a flight path within ten miles of an airport.

* Consumers should also carefully consider where to place their projectors to ensure the lights aren’t aimed too high. One way to avoid sending beams too high is to move the units closer to the home or area at which the display is to be aimed. To test the position, start by pointing the unit toward the ground and then gradually shift it upward, stopping when the top of the light beams reach open air.

* Another option is to position the light at a higher elevation and point it downward or level with the upper edges of the structure. This will also help prevent beams from soaring higher than they belong.

Just being aware of the importance of position is the first step in creating a laser display that is happy and safe for everyone. With consideration for these safety tips, a happy holiday– complete with dazzling lights– awaits everyone!

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