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Great Light Show, No Grumpy Neighbors!

Holidays are just made for fireworks, and we all love that feeling of seeing the bright, colorful lights burst and twinkle. Unfortunately, the boom and crackle become a nuisance to neighbors when the night stretches into later hours. That’s when a special effects light display comes to the rescue!

A light display unit can add ambiance to the night and provide a means to keep the party going without disturbing the neighborhood. The USA Patriotic theme slide for use with one of the Celebrations models is an option for Independence Day parties, for example. What’s also great for 4th of July is the Mystic Ocean Lava model. Splashed over a pool or outdoor deck area, the waves and ripples practically scream summer party!

As we see in the video below, the Mystic Ocean Lava display brightens the night and helps to set the mood for any party. The swirls and waves will suit any genre of music that fits your needs. For this party, classic rock kicked things off, but a little soft jazz mellowed out the night. And of course, we kept the volume under control, since the idea was to enjoy a party that didn’t have the neighbors running for ear plugs. On all accounts, this holiday was a success!

Every party can be just a little more fun with special effects lights, and now we know they’re also an ideal alternative to fireworks!


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