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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How soon will my products ship?

A: We ship out between 3-4 days.


Q: Can the indoor models be used outside?

A: Yes, you just want to protect them from moisture and rain.


Q: What happens if my unit breaks?

A: Just give us a call at 215 514-4750 or email us at mysticfirelights.com


Q: Can I hang or mount the units?

A: Yes. All units come with a mounting bracket. You’ll just need a couple screws.


Q: Are models battery powered?

A: No, they come with a standard power cord.


Q: How wide will a laser project? How far will it project?

A: 60-80 feet wide and approx. 200 yards outward


Q: How wide will an LED project? How far will it project?

A: 30-40 feet wide *and 30 feet outward


Q: Are the lights waterproof?

A: We do have waterproof models/units that can be used outdoors. Our other models/units are weather resistant and can be used on a lanai or porch that is covered or screen enclosed. An upside down aquarium or large clear plastic bowl may also be used to protect the unit.


Q: How long do the Laser lights last?

A: 5000 hours


Q: How long do the LED lights last?

A: 10,000 hours


Q: Do we carry strobe lighting?

A: No


Q: What is the return policy? Is there a guarantee or warranty?

A: See our return policy here:


Q: Do you have a link to LED Name Badge Software?



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